Music in a single area in Africa

African music. Music in Africa. Music in Zambia.

You are interested in African music.

‘African music’ is an amalgam of the musics of many, many regions. You can describe that amalgam only in very general terms.

An effective way to learn about African music in depth is to concentrate on a single region.

With detailed and interconnected information, not just general information.

Based on description and analysis. And with many examples of local and neighbouring repertoires.

If you want to focus on a single region, this site might be useful for you.

It is about music and related dance, text and ritual in Chibale, Serenje District, Zambia.

Based on research done between 1981 and 2013. Compiled in collaboration with people in Chibale.

This study does not only cover the last 40 years, but also attempts to reconstruct the history of music and related dance, text and ritual in the area.