Text repertoires in Zambia: Chibale

Text repertoires in Zambia

Text repertoires in Chibale, Zambia. There is a variety in text repertoires in Zambia. But what about that if you look at the text repertoires in one region in Zambia?
Chibale text genres that we want to focus on are cifuto (song text), nsoselo (proverb, saying), cishimi (story with songs), cishimikisho (story without songs), ilyashi ya kale (history, myth), the use of sounds in language, the notation of patterns in language and the use of patterns to convey the unsayable.1We present the research for the articles about texts in Ways of working for description. Below, you will find links to descriptions of these text genres.

People use song texts often. They are an important, and often the most important, text genre at large-scale gatherings with music.
Also proverbs, sayings and sound imitations are often used, in normal speech and in song texts while especially musicians use notation of musical patterns in language.
Not used very much anymore are stories, histories, myths, notations of patterns from nature and the playing of patterns to convey the unsayable.


Click on the links below for the articles about the text genres in Chibale.

Cifuto – song text

Nsoselo – saying and proverb

Cishimi, cishimikisho and ilyashi ya kale – story and myth

The use of sounds and sound patterns in language and the use of language to notate patterns


IJzermans, Jan J. (2024) Amalimba. Music and related dance, text and ritual in a single area in Africa. https://amalimba.org/text-repertoires-in-zambia-chibale/